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  • Is it time to sort through the pieces of your life?

    If so, you have come to the right place! TeleTalk Counseling has helped many individuals just like you make life-changing improvements. Let me help you:

    • Manage Your Depression/Anxiety/Grief

    • Manage Emotional Concerns

    • Reduce Stress

    • Enhance Your Relationships

    • Improve Communication Skills

    • Change Unproductive Behavior Patterns

    • Increase Your Self Esteem

    • Find Purpose in Your Life

    • Strengthen Your Family Ties

    Individual Counseling

    We offer counseling for a variety of issues and will create a treatment plan specifically for you!

    Telehealth sessions allow you the flexibility to participate in therapy in the comfort of your own space! 

    Reach out today… YOU’RE WORTH IT!

    Group Counseling

    We offer group counseling opportunities focused on educating and processing current stressors. 

    Topics include: how to manage anxiety and stress, building and maintaining healthy relationships, healthy communication skills, and more!

    Ask about group opportunities today!

    Why Choose TeleTalk?